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About Me! Who Am I?

Hi I’m Johanne, and my passion and soul purpose is to connect women to their creative spirit, help them unlock their creative potential, reclaim the magic and love of the unique vibrant creative expression of themselves, and embody the fullness of who their soul came here to be!

I work with women who are ready to remember their true essence, their unique “self”, the one that’s been playing small and hiding for far too long behind all sorts of conditioning from the past. I am passionate about helping them reclaim that essence, shine it into the world, and step into a more vibrant and creative life.


Because when we connect to our creative spirit and tap into our creative energy, life flows, life is vibrant, and it is full of passion, possibility, authentic connection and joy. And I want that for all women because the world needs more women who have stepped into their creative power!

I’m excited for women who have decided to tap into their creative spirit with me, beginning with this small gift.


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